Score Your Dream Soccer Experience in the UK!

Make Yourself more valuable

Choosing a UK Gap Year can assist you in gaining a more advantageous position in US/UK college recruitment. Our program offers aspiring players an 8-month soccer coaching and training program, a full season of games, and highlights, player screening, and strength & conditioning packages.

Increase your value by investing in yourself. Take steps to build your skillset and sharpen your soccer IQ. Cultivate your abilities and strive to become an invaluable asset to any team with the help of SFS

Experience England

Players have the opportunity to compete in the National Football Youth League in England, playing at grounds across the country and taking trips to professional academies and elite matches. Representing SFS U23, you will be just a step away from professional academy level football. Each and every game is a showcase match, allowing you to show off your skills and work your way closer to achieving your dream of playing professionally. As part of this Gap Year, you will be based in Scarborough, Yorkshire, where you will get to experience the UK culture and lifestyle, as well as enjoy educational visits throughout the year.

Pathway towards Elite Soccer

SFS is not associated with a single club, giving our Gap Year players a wide range of potential destinations. Our comprehensive scouting system offers ample opportunities to be seen in both home and away matches, and our coaches have established relationships with clubs across various leagues. If a player is performing at a high enough level, we strive to help them reach the next level.

“A UK Gap Year allows players the chance to experience the UK as well as help push them to their limits on the soccer field”

Denny Ingram – SFS UK Head Coach

Main points

  • Take your talent to the next level by showcasing it in the UK!
  • Gain exposure with your player profile boosted by comprehensive stats, film, and data.
  • Test your abilities in the National Youth Football League U19/U23, competing against Pro team development squads.
  • Seize the chance to reach Semi Pro and Professional football clubs with the help of SFS.
  • Stay in shape with our tailored gym program for soccer players.
  • Receive a full professional kit pack and nutrition assistance.

First Class Facilities

Experience a first-class soccer experience and take your game to the next level with our UK GAP Year program.

Players will arrive mid to late August and immediately start their pre-season training at The Flamingo Land Stadium, located inside Scarborough’s Multi Million pound Sports Village. You will have on demand access to leisure facilities with gym, swim and class passes, and you will be able to train and play for 8-9 months during your stay.

Players will train 4 times per week and be included in SFS matchday experiences. All athletes will be tested pre-competition with specific strength and conditioning programs designed to help them improve. You will also receive SFS kit and matchday pass for a local semi-pro team, Scarborough Athletic. Accommodation is located a mere 5-10 minutes from the stadium.

Come join us and make the most of this amazing opportunity to reach your soccer goals!

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