We aim to ENCOURAGE our students to do more than they thought possible. 

Through education we aim to INSPIRE our students to follow a path they love and enjoy. 

Through sport we a give our students a platform to EXCEL and showcase their talents.    

Our purpose is to: 

  • Educate and train young people from all backgrounds to be the best they can be.  
  • Provide a clear and engaging sports pathway for people. 
  • Ensure students receive quality education and achieve recognised qualifications. 
  • Work to improve the outlook for young men and women in sport. 
  • Bring people together, breaking down barriers and promoting teamwork and life-long friendship. 
  • Be a leader in developing and training individuals. 

We will do this by: 

  • Collaborating with quality educational partners that share our ethos. 
  • Creating an individualised programme for each person, that is specific to them. 
  • Being located within top quality facilities that meet the demands of our scholars. 
  • Having the best staff and coaches that match our values and ethos. 
  • Forward thinking, investing in people and working with integrity. 

It is our goal that each person who attends our programme develops both on and off the pitch…that is our promise.  We continually strive to improve what we offer and how we can work better in order to see others succeed.  We take pride in our work and enjoy the journey that we are on.   

No matter where a person comes from, we aim to encourage and inspire them and see them excel in the future. 

What Our Scholars Say

“The scholarship opened opportunities for me to not only become better a footballer, but also improve my knowledge sport,”

Max Wright
Max has been training with Scarborough Athletic
first team this season

“I love football and I knew the course would drive me on as a player, as well as helping me into a career in sport,”

Phoenix Sykes
Phoenix has gone on to play for Middlesbrough FC Women’s
team after an impressive two years at the Scholarship.

“The Scholarship has given me the chance to progress in football, as well as stretching me on the academical front,”

Josh Fergus
Josh has been an ever present in the
Scarborough Athletic U-19 squad.

Make this the start of your journey.

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