Admission fees

The educational and accomodation costs are indicative and serve as a guide only.

Year 1 Costs* (As of 2021-22)Amount £
CU Scarborough International fee*£15,000
SFS Soccer£12,000
Year 2 Projected Cost*Amount £
CU Scarborough International fee£15,000
SFS Soccer – with year 2 scholarship£9,000
Year 3 Projected Cost*
CU Scarborough International fee*£15,000
SFS Soccer – with year 2 scholarship£6,000
All costs quoted as per 2021-22 current rate. Price changes may apply in subsequent year and will be reviewed on a year by year basis. *Indicates 2021-22 degree cost with Coventry. Cost may vary in the future and will be reviewd each year. **Accomodation through FutureLets. This is worked on historical prices and is subject to change

FAFSA and Federal Aid available through CUScarborough. Please enquire through SFS.

GI Bill through Veterans Affairs (Military support) can be used. Please enquire through SFS.

Additional Sports Scholarships can be applied for. Please enquire through SFS.

In 2021-22 students recieved a £2,000 scholarship from CUScarborough for commiting early to the program. Please enquire through SFS about current Scholarship offers or visit Coventry Univeristies website here.

If you have any questions or want to schedule a call with us click here

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