SFS coaches’ busy time

SFS International coaches Steve Brennan and Denny Ingram had a busy visit to the US as we look to further our recruitment for September.

We kicked off at a showcase event in Williamsburg, during which our coaches scouted and spoke to a number of U19 players that impressed them on the day.

They also did the same at another showcase event, which took place in Potomac.

We then put on well-attended ID Clinics at both Lackey High School in Maryland and Mechanicsville in Richmond, VA, both of which were a success.

Our coaches also had an opportunity to attend a careers drop-in session at La Plata in Maryland.

Coach Brennan said: “We enjoyed our second visit back to the States.

“It was the first time we had run ID Clinics and been to showcase events.

“We have learned a lot about the process, met some key figures and ultimately offered 16 places to potential students.”

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